domingo, 16 de octubre de 2022

CONTEST: complex noun phrases in songs.

 Are you competitive? Do you like music? Here you have a new challenge. I am going to ask you to present songs (leave them in the comment box) with examples of complex noun phrases. We will vote in class those that you find most creative and complex. 

This is one of my examples.

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Laura Pintiado dijo...

Good evening! I'd never heard that Gaga's song before, and the lyrics are stunning. She's able to create an scene in your mind only using her voice, which is a thing that I use to like in emotional songs.

Also, the lyrics reminded me of a Taylor Swift song (kind of monothematic, I'm so sorry), which is called "Cornelia Street". I think it's pretty complex, so that one is my chosen one. :)

Yuri dijo...

Hello, everyone!
I picked "True colors" by Phil Collins

The teacher dijo...

Thank you for your nice songs!!

José Manuel García (Chema) dijo...

Hello guys!

Sorry I am late, but the song I picked is: “Sound of silence” by Dami I’m

Víctor Zamora dijo...

Hi everyone!

Nice songs and good examples of complex noun phrases. Here are my selections:

Lemon Tree from Fools Garden

Knockin´on heaven´s door from almighty Bob Dylan

Finally, I would like to share a lullaby I found in a book.

The twelve days of Christmas version of Pentatonix.



Unknown dijo...

"From sprinkler splashes to fireplace ashes" from You're on your own, kid by Taylor Swift

The teacher dijo...

Dear students,
Thanks for taking part in this contest. Some of the examples we can find in the songs you have proposed are:

“weary brown eyes”
“another rainy Sunday afternoon”
“from sprinkle splashes to fireplace ashes” Not so much an example of a complex noun phrase but an excellent image with alliteration.

Check this one: Good as gold stupid as mud by Beautiful South