martes, 28 de abril de 2020

From my window

These are two remarkable compositions from students working on their C1 certificate.

From my balcony
I had a real awakening while looking out from my balcony just the day when this confinement was declared. I realised that during this lock down, my balcony would be an awesome window to breathe the freedom that I was deprived of.
What I can see from there is the majestic Badajoz’s longest bridge called Puente Real with a few cars approaching in the distance along the bridge. Only the slow movement of cars makes me feel that it is not a picture. It is much more similar to a film set, especially when every sunset the sun is barely peeping through the clouds and touching carefully the metal part of the bridge. This image is a breathtaking moment to enjoy.
A refreshingly cool breeze always moisturizes my face while I can only listen to the silence in the air. No people hanging out, no lively streets, only me and the inspiring smell of a freshly grounded  cup of strong coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.
Victoria Carrillo


I am locked down, you are locked down… half the world is locked down these days. And, during my solitary confinement, a tranquil gaze from my window is the only way to scape. Fortunately, I live on a 5th floor; the 5th floor of a fifty-year-old building fronted by modern yet low-rise ones: a kind of privilege, given the circumstances…
So, I open my window: I can feel the warm, extremely soft spring breeze and close my eyes to deeply breath the freshest, cleanest, pollution-free air in years. Then I take a calm long look outside, over the tiled roofs until my eyes meet the farthest buildings, a tiny bit of the west horizon…and the sky. A mesmerizing pinkish-orange partly clouded sky displaying a strikingly awesome sunset, so totally breathking that makes me forget for a moment the cloud of uncertainty we are living under.