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Personal profile

We have recently written a personal profile. This is the best job. I would like you to read it to check the good examples of vocabulary, structures and clarity.

I am Adriana and I was born in Granada, the place where I live now.
Although I am a Biologist, I have ended up working as a caretaker. Needless to say this is not my dream job, but there was point in my life where I simply wanted to leave behind all kind of precarious jobs I was used to having and find the one which allowed me to meet my needs. So, given the economical circumstances of Spain, I decided to get myself into the fascinating world of competitive exams and, thankfully, I succeeded. Now, I keep on studying to move forward and become a haematologist, my current goal.

Regarding to my interests, it may sound like a cliché but I am truly passionate about traveling, and I do believe that my trips have led me to turn into an open-minded and easy-going person. Besides traveling, if I had to choose another hobby, it would definitely be music. I am crazy about live music and festivals. In fact, I am thought to be a money-wasting person since I am prone to spending my wage on summer concerts rather than saving money to buy a flat.

Related to my skills, no way am I going to lie. I am not a skilful person at all, I wish I was! The only thing I consider myself good at is writing, at least in my language.

Finally, my family is a small, tight-knit one. We get along with each other and we all speak our minds. The thing I like the most about them is we don’t follow traditions or social rules: everyone is free to live according to his/her standards.

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Let me introduce you. Emma is a teacher who is doing wonders for students of English around the world. She is passionate about languages. She will do her best to make it easier to cope with English for those who want to follow her on social media. 

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Word pairs

Now that we are studying Vague Language or how to express our ideas in an inexact way, I thought these word pairs could come in handy. They are courtesy of Phrasal and Idiomatic English.

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2019