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My treasure possession.

This is a little treasure written by Begoña G. Q.


I own an antique full-length mirror with a simple light wood frame that belonged to my grandmother and then my aunt Carmen. It was made in a small village near Santiago de Compostela in the 1940s by my grandfather Manuel. My grandfather made this mirror for his wife´s job, my grandmother Carmen, who was a seamstress. My aunt Carmen, being three years old, inherited this mirror because her mother died very young. And the relatives who took care of my aunt gave her the mirror when she decided to be a seamstress.

The mirror reminds me of my childhood because when I went to my aunt Carmen´s house in Bilbao, she would be sewing in the sewing room and I would play at being a client with the pieces of cloth in front of the mirror. Sometimes the real clients came to try their made-to-measure dresses or suits on and I used to help my aunt with more enthusiasm than skill. I loved the way women looked at themselves in the mirror wearing my aunt´s creations.

When my aunt died, the mirror was handed down to my father. He offered it to my sister and me and, although I looked forward to having the mirror, I did say nothing because my sister is my aunt´s goddaughter and I thought that she would like to have it. However, my sister remembered our childhood days at my aunt´s house and the famous question that I asked my aunt one day: "How many people will have looked at themselves in this mirror along the time?" Due to this, my sister considered that the mirror had to be bequeathed to me. And in this way my treasured possession came to me in Badajoz. Needless to say that it has great sentimental value and I still wonder about the number of people who looked at themselves in it in different periods and places...

Where there is a will there is a way.

Quite often, when we are in class, I encourage you to believe in yourselves. I know you can reach as far as you aim to. There is work to do -remember our three times a day rule- but if you believe you can do it, you sure are on the right track.

This is part of a programme in which BBC interviewed 100 women. Simone Biles is just an example of someone  who believes in herself. Pay particular attention to minutes 2'42 & 3'42