miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

New Ears

Today I want to challenge you with a new experience. Let's see if we can do it together. I would like you to listen to this song. However,  instead of focusing your attention on what it says I'd rather you could just listen to the sounds. Let's start with the short i /ɪ/  just  check the way she says  "kiss" or "me" and see how many more examples of  that sound you can find along the song.

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Juan dijo...

I have tried it several times and I have no idea. I will try to answer, I am stubborn

I will try listening to with speakers

Ana Sanchez dijo...

I would say: lift, swing, believe, bring.

Ana Morán dijo...

well...it could be...´swing´, ´leave´, ´bring´?

The teacher dijo...

Not bad, not bad. Keep trying.
And remember it is a matter of faith.

Mercé dijo...

I have kept: swing and lead me.
May be it is wrong, I don´t know.

Anónimo dijo...

It doesn't work the video on my mobile phone I just put on the PC and...OMG!! What a wonderful song from the soundtrack of the film 'She's all that' I love it!!
The sound /I/ I think it could be... bearded, barley, nightly, swing, spinning, will, milky, twilight,moonlit, beneath, sparkling,bring, lift, silver, strike, by, hanging, tire, fire,
The sound /i:/ green, lead, tree, we'll
I have to admit that I've listened this song several times in the 90's :)


the teacher dijo...

Dear students,
I think it is time to correct your answers.
Ana Sánchez, lifft, swing, bring are good examples. Believe, doesn't appear in the song, but it contains a short /ɪ/ believe /bɪˈliːv/
Ana Morán, leave has the long /i:/, the rest are fine
Mercé, lead has the long /i:/
/lɪd/ is something different
Cris N, good job! you are right in most of them. swing, spinning, will, milky, moonlit,sparkling,bring,lift, silver,hanging.We will talk about the rest in class.

Thank you all for taking part!!!!

the teacher dijo...

sorry, I spelt lift with double f. It is lift.