lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Let's test some phrasal verbs

Learn English Today is a site with lots of useful resources. Let´s see if you like the one I have selected for you.

And ... what about writing in the comment box the connection between the pic and the exercise?

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Ana Sanchez dijo...

The only thing that comes into my mind is that there are a landing strip in the photo and we are just landing at phrasal verbs.
Where is this island? It seems to be the smaller landing strip in the world.

José María dijo...

Thinking of about this challenge,I don't find out the answer. If I make up something,I'll say:
I'd like to wake up every single day in this beauty,I'll get up early every morning and I'll go scuba diving to look after the environment. At night, I'll see the flights taking off.

Juan dijo...

I have done the exercise and I have answered all questions well.
I think I have guessed the name of the island but I don't know the connection between the pic and the exrecise. It's the Wake Island in the North Pacific.

Saray dijo...

I have done the exercise too, but I don't find the connection with the picture. This island is really nice!

Anónimo dijo...

I've just done the exercises, nevertheless I don't know the connection. :(
Victoria Huertas

Mercé dijo...

how Juan has told,the picture is from Wake Island.
I have looked it up in Wikipedia, but I didn't find out any connection .
Anyway,for the quiz's lovers I recomend Abba English in facebook.

the teacher dijo...

Dear students,
Juan was right, it is Wake Island in the North Pacific. My quetion is, what phrasal verbs have you practised in the exercise? ... wake plus preposition, haven't you?

Unknown dijo...

I have done the exercise, I 'm happy because I answered eight questions well. I think these exercises help you to improve your English.. The more exercises you do...the more English you learn.

Paris dijo...

I woke up this morning and decided to do this exercise ;) I like your comment Inma GG, veeeery nice!