lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018

Pet hates

or pet peeves

I am going to give you some links to find out people's top pet hates. What about leaving yours on the comment box?

From The telegraph:  The 100 most annoying things: poll

From "the student room"

From "head rambles blog"

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Mercedes dijo...

I can't put up with people who have an inability to say please and thank you or all kind of impolite people. Furthermore I don't like negative, pessimistic people who constantly complain about everything without looking for a solution. And besides, I can't stand people who chew gum with their mouth open.

Mercè dijo...

I try to be tolerant but I sometimes can avoid my darkside of my personality arises, je je. It's for that, I can't stand people don't respect anything,annoying for everything, dont respect the animals, thinking they are better to you and looking at you over the shoulder.
However, I sometimes change my mind and think: the life is so short , I am not going to waste my time being ungry.
Live and let live.
I don't know if all of that is a pet hates , at least it's a reflexion,je,je.

Guillermo dijo...

There are so many people who do not know that a dialogue consists of speaking by turns, so when it is yours they constantly interrupt you. And sometimes, if you are lucky to finish your turn, you realize that you just wasted your time because they did not pay any attention to what you said.

jose carlos dijo...

In my case I can`t bear people who are always late in their dates. In my opinion they are impolite. Anyone can be delayed one day, but not always.
Besides this, I can`t stand untidy people or people who throw rubbish on the ground and they say that this way they are creating job for street sweepers.

Unknown dijo...

As far as I am concerned I think that there are people who think that his true is the only true. In fact they don't pay attention to your point of view. This type of people is toxic people.For this reason I have decided not to hear them.I need calm and a peaceful life 🤗.

Alejandro dijo...

I can´t stand apathetic people. And I´m not talking about a bad day or a period of time (everybody can have bad moments), I´m talking about people who constantly shows a lack of attitude or intensity when they are doing something that supposedly they enjoy doing it. Why do you do it then? Why do you waste your time doing something without excitement? What is the reason?

I see this everyday, because I´m tennis coach and sometimes I ask myself "Why does he/she come here? Why don´t you put your heart in every step?". I don´t mind If you´re good at or terrible doing whatever, but the attitude is unnegotiable.

If you don´t feel like doing something, please, invest your time in something productive for you, don´t throw away your time!

Celia :) dijo...
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Celia :) dijo...

It is curious because I am a mess, I am everything but an organized persona, nevertheless, I am can be really picky with my pet peeves, which by the way, I know they can seem stupid.
Some of them are:
- When we are two people I have to walk on the right side (I have to confess that it is my girlfriend's, who will always walk on the left side).
- When I was a child, my mum would always prepare a warm soup bowl when I was having headaches. She usually used precooked AVECREM soup because I asked her for that. Since then, I can not stand another brand when I am having headhaches.
- Please, DO NOT put the volume in an even number.

I have a huge list but, I think it is enought for today, little by little you will get to know me! haha

The teacher dijo...

Thank you for your comments. ;)

Stela Bolaños dijo...

I cannot bear people who smoke around me, it is really disagreeable.