miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2018

A hard-working ballerina.

We have seen how no matter how important you are or how far you reach, you need to keep practising and working. An example of that is Hayley Forskitt, as we have listened to in the interview published in Speak Up Magazine  370

If you want to know more about her click here

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Guillermo Martín dijo...

After having read the article, looking for information about the ballerina (to be honest, I would like to listen to it again by myself and I was looking for the audio on the internet) I saw the title of the blog... "it seems familiar to me..." ok, it is María's blog... Nice... jajaja. Just a coincidence.

The teacher dijo...
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Maria J Pajuelo dijo...

So, did you manage to listen to it again?
I guess you couldn't.
You can now if you visit moodle ;)

María Jose dijo...

Yes,ive managed in Moodle.Very interesting interview!!

Stela Bolaños dijo...

I really enjoyed this listening!