domingo, 18 de octubre de 2020

US Presidential Elections 2020

To know about Vocabulary, check bbclearningenglish 

Watch this video from The BBC



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Álvaro Huertas dijo...

For centuries I have wondered how the electoral system works in the US, and this article is the perfect starting point. Thanks for sharing this post!

Furthermore, for anyone who keens on this topic, I recommend the quite famous show "House of Cards". It belongs to Netflix by the way. This show was the trigger of my interest in politics. To be honest, House of Cards it a bit confusing at the beginning but, luckily there is a wiki with a lot of explanation for each episode:

Finally, I would like to share this BBC's article where common people have asked their questions about the US elections and form me it's pretty handy.

Maria J Pajuelo dijo...

Thank you Alvaro for the article and the wonderful suggestions.