lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020

at home

Home is the place to be now.  I invite you to write about how you are coping with being confined, describe your home using the new adjectives we have learned and think of people's whose homes or companions are not so nice. Here you have a link  to The Guardian's Instagram where you will find out about coffin homes.

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Alicia GC dijo...

First of all, I have been shocked with the video about "coffin homes", I can´t believe how the gonverment allows people to live in those extremely tiny "houses".
Regarding how I cope with this situation of self insolation, I have to say that for me is ok because my home is just a typical flat (nothing remarkabke to say about it) but well iluminated and quite roomy, so the four of us who are living in have our private space. Anyway, needless to say that in this situation I wish I had an enormous detached house with a huge garden;)


I would be terrifyied of living in a gloomy space like that.
How poky and cramped home! How claustrophobic living there with shady people around in a not airy place! I don't live in a palace with big gardens but I am lucky because I have got a balcony to strecht my legs!

The teacher dijo...

Thank you for your comments.
I agree we can be thankful not to live in such reduced space.

Alicia, well illuminated--> well lit
Victoria, How poky and cramped--> what a poky and camped place


Thanks Maria Jesús, what a mistake!