miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2019

Personal profile

We have recently written a personal profile. This is the best job. I would like you to read it to check the good examples of vocabulary, structures and clarity.

I am Adriana and I was born in Granada, the place where I live now.
Although I am a Biologist, I have ended up working as a caretaker. Needless to say this is not my dream job, but there was point in my life where I simply wanted to leave behind all kind of precarious jobs I was used to having and find the one which allowed me to meet my needs. So, given the economical circumstances of Spain, I decided to get myself into the fascinating world of competitive exams and, thankfully, I succeeded. Now, I keep on studying to move forward and become a haematologist, my current goal.

Regarding to my interests, it may sound like a cliché but I am truly passionate about traveling, and I do believe that my trips have led me to turn into an open-minded and easy-going person. Besides traveling, if I had to choose another hobby, it would definitely be music. I am crazy about live music and festivals. In fact, I am thought to be a money-wasting person since I am prone to spending my wage on summer concerts rather than saving money to buy a flat.

Related to my skills, no way am I going to lie. I am not a skilful person at all, I wish I was! The only thing I consider myself good at is writing, at least in my language.

Finally, my family is a small, tight-knit one. We get along with each other and we all speak our minds. The thing I like the most about them is we don’t follow traditions or social rules: everyone is free to live according to his/her standards.

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Congratulations for this composition to whom wrote it!
I learnt very much about how I should have done it but, in fact, I didn´t it...
From this point on, I hope you can upload the best composition written by us.

Isabel Jimenez Rodriguez dijo...

I hadn't seen it before, very useful Maria Jesus. It would be a good idea to post something like that in every writing in order to help us to figure out how to do everything. Thanks a lot¡¡

Antonia Durán dijo...

Congratulations! It´s a really nice and perfect composition. Thanks for sharing this with us.

The teacher dijo...

Thank you for your kind comments. I am sure the author will be proud.

It's also good it does help you on your learning process.