domingo, 20 de octubre de 2019

Fresh headlines about Brexit

Dear students,
As you know we have been attending an event of paramount importance in the last 32 -or so- months.
Since we have been studying the language of headlines and we are going to study politics in the next few weeks, you have an excellent oportunity to practise.

This is a link to the headlines published in the most important newspapers related to what happend at Westminster last Saturday. It was published in The Guardian by Graham Russell.

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Antonia Durán dijo...

Congrats! It´s an interesting blog that helps us to learn by yourself linking what we speak in class with a lot of other sources. Thanks a lot.


To be honest, I don't like politic as issue but I do like media... Anyway, as far as I concerned Brexit is a wrong decision and it is not the will of the most population because young people were really lazy to poll and this is the consecuence to feel too laid-back... UK needs polls again to be sure that they want to leave.

The teacher dijo...

Thank you for your comments ;)