jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017

Improving pronunciation

This is a video from youtube by mmmEnglish, I think it could be useful.

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Mercè dijo...

Amazing! It,s useful indeed!
On the one hand,It is very important to know the stress word to pronuance this word properly.
And the other hand,the invisible letter is a added difficulty , but it seems to me it,s a matter to practise one and again!
It's a relief ,that is difficult for English speakers too !haha.

Unknown dijo...

Ohhh, Emma, I knew her last year, I began to see her videos in order to improve my pronunciation, and nowadays I receive the notification when she has published her videos in YouTube. They are very interesting and useful, besides she speaks slowly and it's very easy to follow her. Difficult thought it seems, I will try to do it 😍