lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

These are some curious images related to Halloween. Enjoy them.

What do you think  of the big impact this festivity has in our society? Leave your comments in the box.

3 comentarios:

Javi dijo...

In my opinion, we shouldn´t carry on with this festivity, we have our own tradition dedicated to death on the 1st of november. Halloween maybe is more fashionable because of the tv and we have been taken by this mainstream. But it is just my opinion

Inma GG dijo...

From my point of view, I think that we have fondness of our traditions. However,we would bet for new festivities,in order to share both of them.
Even if the traditions are very interesting and important for us it would be impossible to stop the influence which come from another cultures.

The teacher dijo...

Thank you Javi and Inma!!
We shouldn't forget our traditions, that's true. Yet, in a global world it's quite difficult not to indulge in this new rituals, specially when there are so many economic interests involved.