jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Thanksgiving Day

This is an important festival in the US learn about it courtesy of  Studies Weekly. And check the delicious dishes all arround the different States

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Paris dijo...

Thaaaaank you for this post! I really love cooking and trying new things in the kitchen: the dish from alaska is going to be tried at home in the next few days, for it sounds soooo nice. If it comes out good will you post the photos (I'll send them to you, promise)?

Anónimo dijo...

I knew that Thanksgiving Day is an important day in the US because I'm used to watching in American's films but I didn't know the history and I think this video explaint very well.


Ana Sanchez dijo...

So, finally it is celebrated on the 4th Thursday.I didn't know pilgrims were people looking for a religious freedom. It's pretty interesting.

Juan dijo...

It is curious how began the most powerful nation of the world.
About two hundred years before had begun the conquest of a new continent. The first conquerors loooked for gold, they were mainly soldiers while the Pilgrims were settlers. They looked for freedom and they merely wanted survive