miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

No ordinary buildings (Ordinary Words 2)

London's skyline has sure changed in the last few years with new skyscrapers such as the Gherkin, the Walkie- Talkie, the Cheese Grater or the Shard.

You can enjoy the panoramic view of the last one just  with a click

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Roma dijo...

Ok, confession time: I'm looking forward to this summer so I can enjoy the view of the Shard in person. But now, with your help and your article, and until then I can do it form my own home. Thanks a lot!!!!!

Carmen Durán dijo...

Ah London skyline... just amazing.

I am going to share a little "secret" with you: whenever I am in London I love going for a walk around Primrose Hill. It's the highest park in London and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city from there... for free, like all the best things in life ;)

Roma dijo...

Nice!!!! I don't know that place in London, thanks for sharing, I'll try to go this summer.

Eva dijo...

Amazing!! I´ve been able to see the Barbican YMCA (hall of residence) where I lived, next to Saint Paul´s Cathedral.

Roma dijo...

Hi there! Reading "The Guardian" I found a piece of news about a building (though not in London) but that you all may like.


Hope you enjoy it!