lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

Oscar's Season

Do you like cinema? Do you go often?

If you are a true fan this is, definitely, your month, because the Oscars are coming up. We could chat about it, couldn't we?
- Are you one of those who watch the Academy Awards Ceremony live?
- What is your favourite Oscar winning film, director and stars?
- What film deserved an Oscar as best movie and didn't win it? What actor or actress?

And how about testing our colective trivia knowledge???
- Do you know why they are called The Oscars?
- How many academy awards did Charlie Chaplin win?
- Who were the eldest and the youngest actor/actress to win an academy award?
- Which movie won the most awards and which one had the most nominations?
- Who's the actor/actress who has more awards won? And who's the most nominated one?

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Roma dijo...

Hello! Let me congratulate you for making us enter the oscar season, I love the movies and I enjoy these days when we can talk about the movies without being considered arrongant.
I'm going to answer some of your questions and after doing some research I'll answer the others, ok?

- I've always liked to watch the ceremony, the problem is that because it is on Sunday it's hard to be able to watch the whole of it. The day after is the toughest day of the week, the Bangles really had a point when the sang "it's just another manic monday". But I like the watch it live, the day after the results are all over the news and there is no suspense anymore.
- This is a really difficult one. My favourite Oscar winning film? "Citizen Kane" is and will always be "Citizen Kane", but I have a huuuuge crush on "Casablanca" and "Gone with the wind".
- Director: (I'll try to choose a more modern one) maybe Ang Lee, though not for the movie he won the oscar with. And actors... Merryl Streep, Barbra Streisand, Jeff Bridges, Dustin Hoffman, Helen Mirren, Jack Nicholson,... there's so many of them, I don't think I can choose.
- The one's that deserved the award and didn't in it: actress is obvious, Lauren Bacall.

I'll think a bit more about everything else.

Thank you very very much for the post. I hope more people answer so we can have a nice discussion.

M Jesús dijo...

Thanks a lot Roma!!!!
I also hope more people leave their comments here.

The teacher. dijo...

you don't seem to be giving any answers :(
Thank you Roma, once again, for your effort!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the link, I did

Juan José dijo...

- I haven't commented before because the only film I had seen before this weekend is The Impossible. After these days I've seen Lincoln, Argo and Les Misérables. Although I shouldn't give my opinion because I still haven't seen most of nominated films like Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi or Django Unchained. It seems that Argo will win the Best Screenplay and Best Picture awards and it's very likely than Spielberg will win the Best Director award and Daniel Day-Lewis the Best Actor award by Lincoln. I'm very glad with the two last films wich Spielberg has directed (War Horse and Lincoln). In my opinion he hadn't directed such good films since Saving Private Ryan.

- About my favourite films are Sunset Boulevard, The Godfather, Psycho and Gone With The Wind. My favourite directors are Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and Stanley Kubrick. My favourite actor and actress is very difficult to choose. I guess my favourite man's role in a film is Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in The Godfather and my favourite woman's role in a film is Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.

- About the trivia I'll try to do my best without look the answers up in wikipedia:
+ About the awards Charles won I guess that is a tricky question; so I'd say none as the same Alfred Hitchcock didn't won any awards as best director.
+ The movies wich have won the most awards are Titanic, Ben-Hur and The Lords of The Rings: The King's Return with 11 awards.
+ The actor who has won more awards I think is Jack Nicholson with 3 ones. The actress who has won more awards is Meryl Streep with 5 awards although 2 of them were as best supporting actress. Whereas Katherine Hepburn won 4, all like best actress. The most nominated is Meryl Streep too, with 17 or 18 nominations though 5 of them were as best supporting actress. Katherine Hepburn was nominated 16 times, all like as best actress.
- By the way a good webpage to watch films online in English is If you have the JDownloader software, you can download the films to your computer only making copy and paste and watch them wherever you want.