viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Homophones ....

.....  are words which sound exactly the same but have different meaning and spelling. Getting to know them could help you with your pronuntiation and your listening skills.
I am going to give you two sentences, an easy one -to build up your confidence- and a difficult one -to challenge you- so that you tell me the homophones, which I give you just with the phonetic transcription:

Your /sΛn/  was playing in the /sΛn/.
The /stɔ:k/ ate the /stɔ:k/ of the cherry.

...and now ... could you think of more examples using homophones in the same sentence??? Please share your examples in the comment box.

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Marta dijo...

I have found a web with thousands of them. For example:

scene, seen
scull, skull
sea, see
seam, seem

Mamen dijo...

I have found amoung others:
Sight = vista
Site = sitio

Juan José dijo...

I know a Belgian rock band called I see the sea /aɪ siː ðə siː/ who are an AC/DC tribute band /eɪ siː diː siː/. The play with the similar phonetics sounds in his name. Is not exactly an homophone, but it sounds similar.

Juan José dijo...

well, in this case the homophones are:
C, see, sea

Mamen dijo...

This is a sentence so hard to pronounce:

Three switched witches watch three Swatc watch switches. Which switched Witch watch which Swatch watch switch?

Obviously there aren´t homophones but...

Beatriz B. dijo...

I've found this:

Meat - meet
buy - by - bye
blew - blue
peace - piece

Anónimo dijo...

I hear steps right here

the teacher dijo...

Thanks to all of you for your examples, including Inma, whose examples disappeared. However, I want you to write sentences using them, so congratulations to "Anónimo" whoever you are!!!!!

...and thank you Mamen for the witches and the switches :P

Roma dijo...

Hi teach! Long time no see! I really dig this exercise, it sounds great, so I'm going to try something:

To be happy you have two good rules: weight less and wait less.

I'm going to think a bit more and "I'll be back"!!!

Poppy dijo...

The words of your sentences are, I think:
- Your son was playing in the sun.
- The stork ate the stalk of the cherry.

And now some sentences with homophones words:
- My /a:nt/ hates the /a:nt/ hills.
- My sister /eit/ /eit/ chickens in one day.
- I /nju:/ who is your brother because his /nju:/ friend told me.
- When I /mi:t/ you we always go to eat good /mi:t/.
- My daughter /red/ many times Little /red/ Riding Hood because she loved it.
- /ai/ have my right /ai/ green and the other brown.

Maria J Pajuelo dijo...

wow!!! I am impressed!!!!
That's exactly what I had in mind when I proposed this exercise. Thank you Poppy and Roma!!!!

Roma dijo...

Do we get a prize or something, for being so good! :P

The other day I remembered a good example of what you were asking us to do. In one of the Streisand classics "The way we were" when Katie is giving a speech, a bunch of jocks rise up a sign that says:
"Any peace but Katie's piece"

Rosa dijo...

allowed, aloud.
It is not allowed to speak aloud.

ball, bawl
the bawl when the ball touch them

marshal, martial
The marshal teachs martial art

spa, spar
the spar starts at the spa