domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Here we go!!!!

Dear students,
I approach this web log with mixed feelings. On the one hand I don't think I am good enough to create a blog that is there  for everyone to read  or see but, on the other hand, I embrace this idea with huge enthusiasm since I view it as an excellent opportunity to share with you those things we have no time for in the hectic lessons of ours.

As you can see, on the sidebar,  there are some links to web pages you can visit -I have decided not to include  too many - they vary from those where you can  keep yourself in touch with news in English to those in which you can just be listening to current music while you are working, the difference with your local radio station is that you will have advertisements in English or you will hear about the traffic in London. You also have dictionaries, or podcasts.

I hope you find it useful and get to enjoy English outside the classroom.

Here, I'd like to have a place where we can keep on practicing English with curious things, articles, songs or games.  You will be able to comment, participate and have debates with other readers (if there are any).

For those of you who find it too corny, I hope you can overcome the looks of it and find something worthy in the contents.

Welcome to our blog!!!!!

11 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Congratulation for this care and complete blog!!!! In my opinion, its presentation is very very original with lots of important and interesting things to practise the English language.
Thanks for it.

Roma dijo...

I know this new challenge is something you will enjoy and will fulfill it's goal: help your students get better with their English. A place where you can read, listen and write is always welcome when you're learning a foreign language, for 4:30 hours a week just isn't enough.
Love the looks of it too.

Roma dijo...

"its goal", obviously. Shame on me!!!

Maria J Pajuelo dijo...

Thank you for your encouragement.
I just hope it helps you progress with your English and view it as something useful.

Inma dijo...

Thank you!I belive that this blog will be very useful! Moreover, the look is so cute!
I attach the commercial that you recommended. I think that it is worth! The pronunciation es very well and the actor is very handsome and atractive! :)

Anónimo dijo...

Great!!!! Really good idea M. Jesús.

Pura dijo...

Thank you teacher! I think it will be very useful for us and we will improve our English. It´s so corny!

coti dijo...

Maria J Pajuelo dijo...

I am really pleased that you are all so motivated with this iniciative. Thanks Inma and Coti for the links you have suggested, I hope others follow your example since I view this blog as something for everybody to take part. And thanks for the comments.

Poppy dijo...

I think that this blog has been a very good idea. Every day I open it several times just to see if there is something new. But at the same time I listen to some music or short news or make some exercises sent by our teacher or from the book (New File) she sent to us. Ah! and I usually read something from a newspaper.

Thanks again for everything.

Antonio Serrano Viseas. dijo...

thank you very much for your blog.I think we can learn a lot of interesting things here